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JOB TYPE Permanent
RECRUITER Tony Beshara
CONTACT OFFICE Babich & Associates (Dallas)
6030 E Mockingbird Lane
Dallas TX 75206-5428
CONTACT PHONE 214-823-9999

We, here at BABICH, are looking for two recruiters who are seeking a long-term career. This year we will be forming an ESOP. Which means that the company will soon be owned by the people that work here. (Participation in the ESOP will provide well over $1 million upon retirement for some.) Our average recruiter has been with the organization for 16 years. Half of the organization had recruiting experience before they came here and the other half didn’t. Good sales ability and the willingness to work with people over a very long period of time is necessary. Making $150,000 to $200,000 is very reasonable to do. The first year’s earnings average about $80,000 but we’ve had people that have earned more than $100,000 their first year. This is an inside sales position. The training program it is excellent and the people in the organization are probably the most wonderful people anyone could ever want to work with. They are supportive and want to see everyone be successful. If you are a good salesperson and looking for a long-term career helping people find new jobs and helping companies find wonderful people and like to be left alone to do your job with no corporate politics or hassles… Call me!


Please contact Tony Beshara at: 214-515-7613 or email: